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It's going to be a good day...

I'm having a good day so far. I've recovered from the major sugar intake of yesterday. Maybe I'll remember and not do that anymore. Maybe I'll avoid that Mountain Dew altogether. Like I mentioned in my podcast, they have a sugar free version that I feel I'll still drink if it is easy to find. I've got a few places to go today. Its still pretty easy and cheap to get around while I'm living with my roommate. Its going to be a lot harder when I'm living alone. I've got to go pick up some medication and a few groceries. Some staple items. Nothing major. Just a small trip. I watched a good movie last night. As a child I was raised up on Sesame Street. Last night I watched a documentary on the man who played Big Bird for over forty years. Wow!! Forty years in that costume. He was a big part of molding me into the person that I am. His name was Caroll Spinney. He died on December the 8th 2019 at 85 years old. It didn't say that in the movie. I just looked it up on Google. Well, he lived an extraordinary life. If you or your kids watched Sesame Street I recommend this movie. He was also the puppeteer for Oscar the Grouch. He was a very talented individual. The movie is called "I am Big Bird". It's a very good watch. Not much to rant about today. I'm feeling well, taken my medications and eaten so I'm pretty much set until this evening. I've got a Wednesday night service to go to at church. The kids are there tonight. Its good to see kids in church learning about the Bible and the Lord. I'm just passing time until this move. Its going to be a while I believe. That's okay, more time to throw stuff away. Not much of a post today. To sum it up, I'm feeling good and I'll be going to church tonight. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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