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I had that small seizure a couple of days ago that wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't think it was bad because it didn't last that long and my body wasn't as sore as usual. Maybe something is starting to change for the better. My mind still took some time to catch up, my sleep was off, my appetite was gone. I had to force myself to eat. That is the usual though. I had to force myself to post yesterday. Just the fact that I could post says a lot about how bad the seizure wasn't. I took the time out because I could and that is the reason I started this blog and posting in the first place, to keep a seizure diary. I felt good enough today to do my laundry, eat and wash a few dishes. that shows that my day around here was pretty normal. Oh yeah, interested in mental health? Check out How Ya Goin Mate? Podcast. This guy is from Australia and he is GOOD. Very entertaining. Other than listening to podcasts I haven't been doing much else. taking my meds, eating, and sleeping. That's the life for me. I go to church when the doors are open and when I'm able to. I hope you do to. This is gonna be another short post. Just haven't done much to talk about. I can usually fill a page. This just hasn't been the greatest couple of days for me. I hope yours have been better. May the Lord bless you.

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