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This is a song that just inspires me so much. It lifts my spirits. Oh, praise Jesus!! I hope you enjoy this post. I'm having this type of day today. I feel strong in the spirit of the Lord. I see that he can use me even though I'm imperfect. That is always the hard part to get over, trying not to sin at all. I don't want to sin, I don't like the sin in my life. I just need His strength. I can remember a time when sin was the farthest thing from my mind, now I see it everywhere. I try my best to avoid it and not partake in it, its just so hard. We all have sin. The one I am having the battle with right now is tobacco. I really want to quit smoking. I'm cutting down, not smoking every time I want one. I hope this is going to be enough. I hope this will be the last time trying to quit. I've tried so many times before. I'm going to put my trust in the Lord. He saved me. The least I can do is quit smoking for Him. ...During this time of crisis we have to praise the Lord. That is what I'm doing here, praising the Lord!!! I just love this song so much. If you stopped by, thank you. I hope you enjoy the video. I'm doing well. I hope you are too. May the Lord bless you.

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