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As I have been stating in my last few posts, I had not been feeling that well. Today I can't say that I feel an aura of any sort. I went to bed early and woke up at a reasonable time. (Around 9 a.m.) I had a breakfast but had no appetite, but that is not unusual when I'm feeling well. I just don't have an appetite in the mornings. I have been doing research for my next podcast,and have learned a little about epilepsy from historic figures. Many famous people from the past were epileptic. Alexander the Great and Vincent van Gogh just to name a couple that would really stick out. I do my podcast along with this blog as therapy. This makes for really good "counseling". Self-talk is how I refer to it to myself. I'm glad today has went by with no major problems or conflicts. I've set up a playlist on Netflix since they just released a whole lot of new content. I'll have a lot of t.v. time even though I don't enjoy the content that much anymore. It's hard to find good, clean, Christian-friendly content on major providers. I find myself on YouTube the most. There I can choose to watch clean content only and it's there. It might not be series' or movies but the content is clean. I find myself watching a lot of open-air and street preachers. I have a lot of respect for those out there doing it. I myself do not have that much patience If you ever want a taste of what I'm watching check out Cleveland street preacher on YouTube. He is really good. I just wanted to come on here and rant. I'm not able to in real life. As we get older telephone conversations get shorter, home visits get less frequent. It's just part of getting older, I noticed it in my father. I even asked him about it and he told me that "It's just how it is when you get older, everyone is doing their own thing and socializing becomes less important. Social circles grow smaller." He was a wise man. I wish I would have learned that a lot earlier. I told my father about my experience being born-again. He told me some very wise words that day. That's when I started listening to him a lot more. Taking everything he had to say seriously. As far as my medications are going, I called in a refill for a prescription and an hour later found a whole bottle I had picked up when I picked up my refills the last time. I had just forgotten that I had it. Oh well. I have my prescription filled. That's a blessing. I have at least enough to last me a month. I also have refills on all of them, so I'm in pretty good shape there. As far as those auras though. They went away with no sign of me having a seizure so that's why I'll continue to say I'm still waiting for it. To any epileptics reading this I hope you never have another one. May the Lord bless your mind and body with peace. To everyone else reading this I pray the same blessings on you also. I've committed to this blog and I'm so glad I called it a rant. I like to get on here and just rant. That's all for now. Until the next post, stay blessed.

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