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I like to post everyday. Sometimes I have decent things to talk about, sometimes I don't. I think this is one of those sometimes I don't moments. They turn up a lot. I like doing my podcast and blog though. It gives me something to do. If I wasn't doing this I wouldn't be doing anything. That's just not healthy. So, I don't do it because I'm good at it or I'm trying to make any money doing it, I'm doing it because I'm bored. It's also a good thing for me in the long run too. It helps me therapeutically and it helps me keep a log of my seizure activity. There are a lot of great podcasts, vlogs, and blogs out there. I know I'm not one of them. I don't think I'll ever be great at doing either but I'm going to continue because I like to do it. I'm more or less talking to myself right now because there are just so many other good postings out there. I'm glad I didn't come into this with dreams of fame, because they would be crushed. All I did was put my journal online. I just couldn't keep one any other way. ...anyway, the weather here is horrible. That doesn't help make for a good day, yet I'm having a good day. I feel great. I posted my podcast, I've eaten, taken my meds, and been to the doctor. I even got up at 7:00 a.m. after going to bed at midnight. That just means good sleep for tonight. I have church tonight, which I plan on going to. I just wonder if due to the weather a lot of the people who usually go won't be there. A lot of people don't do on Wednesday night as it is, that's why it would be such a big deal for the weather to keep people out. I could stay on here and try to talk about something that I've already covered in my podcast or cover something that I will end up wanting to use in my podcast, so I'm just gonna cut out. Just covering bases,..I feel great, taken my meds, slept good, got up early, got my shot from dr., and I've eaten, not too bad of a day. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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