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Jesus said in order to see the kingdom of heaven you must be BORN. AGAIN. There were so many times I went to the front of the church and asked the Lord to come into my heart. I went to church on and off for those first 28 years. I always wondered what had changed. After a coma, I woke up in a hospital room. A nurse came in and told me I had been in a coma for two days. It felt like no time had passed. It was from sugar. I found out I was diabetic. I can't remember what food or drink I had that put me into the coma. Maybe that's why I'm writing this down because I'm starting to forget important things now. My testimony is the most important thing I have. After waking up from that coma and talking to that nurse. i got off the bed and on my knees and thanked the Lord for letting me live. I got back in the bed and the nurse brought me my lunch. As I was eating my friend who I hadn't spoken to in a while came in the door. I have no idea how he knew I was in the hospital, he just showed up. We talked. he asked the usual questions, but then he invited me to church. Come to find out he had gotten saved some time in the past and I had not known about it. Of course, it being Steve, and the situation I had found myself in I said yes. I got out and the next Sunday we went to church. The preacher there was really good. Boy, he was preaching fire and brimstone. I forgot, yeah, this is a good part. Going in the front door the preacher was shaking hands. He shook mine. I introduced myself, he said with a smile I'll never forget, "Get comfortable, you're gonna be here a while." I thought "Oh, are we eating afterwards?" lol. He started preaching and it was moving. I asked my friend (who I had known 11 years by then) "Who's the preacher?" He said, "That's my dad." I couldn't believe it. January 21, 2007 he baptized me. The first and only time I'd ever been baptized in water. I'm Southern Baptist. But I've got a shot of Holiness/Pentecostal in me. I just didn't know it yet. I came to church March 28. 2008 and my whole life changed. That's when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. My pastor called me into his office and he was wild-eyed with joy. We sat down. He said take my hands. He said a prayer and looked up at me and showed me the true meaning of the spiritual gifts. They are real tongues, prophecy, healing. Our Lord can do anything. He read me my future that day and I'm still living it exactly as he said it would happen. I just believed everything He told me. He told me Trump was gonna be president. Trump was still doing The Apprentice. I believed him though. I told everybody. They laughed. They scoffed. He was right though.I knew who I was talking to. I just had to get this down before I forgot the names and dates. ...Oh yeah. A dozen chocolate covered creme filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts put me in that coma. Lol. Details. Don't wanna forget those details. I was still smoking marijuana back then I think. Seems the only reason for the doughnuts. Just had to write it down. It's how I know I'm saved and I don't fear death or these seizures. They're just an inconvenience. The losing of the memory is the worst part.

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