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Just a servant....

Our Lord washed His disciple's feet. That is definitely a picture there. They knew who he was. They knew of His power. I can't imagine the thoughts going through their minds as He was doing it. That is a picture of true humility. (I hope that is a good word) That probably gave them the strength to go forward and love like He loved them. Their minds were probably blown. I hope to be able to love like that. Without looking for anything in return. To help those who need it the most knowing the only thing I'll ever get in return is a thank you. Sometimes not even that. But to love like Jesus loves. It's hard. But I try to do it. I'm not worthy of His love and I never will be, but because He loved me makes me strive to become worthy. It's a beautiful paradox. Love the sinner first, then they strive to become worthy of it. I'm so glad I was invited to church that one time. Someone took a moment out to invite me to church (yes, they had to give me a ride too.) and my whole life changed. I was able to hear the Gospel. A lot of people can hear about Jesus a lot of times but still never hear the Gospel. To actually understand that Jesus didn't have to die, yet he took the place of all sinners on that cross. When that concept finally hits home, a life is changed forever. I'll never stop working for Jesus and telling people the Gospel. You never know when someone just might hear it. Never stop spreading it. Always love like Jesus loves. Make people wonder why we're so nice. Maybe they'll stop and ask us one day. Speaking of being nice, that is another way of spreading the Gospel. A lot of people just think preachers can only tell it from the pulpit. A true Christian knows that Christian love is shown through actions too. It's the emotions that fuel those actions that mean the most. Why? Why do we do the things we do? Because Jesus would. Why do we give without expecting anything in return? Because our Savior would give to those same people in need. We must try to love like Jesus loves. It's hard to do all the time, but not impossible to try to do all the time. The key is do you want to all the time? That's what really matters. Remember, Jesus washed His disciples' feet because He wanted to, not because He had to. I believe He did it with love in His heart also, not just to show humility. I feel he did it because it needed to be done.

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