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Yes it is Valentine's day, but I addressed that on my podcast. I try my best to keep two different topics on two different platforms. It doesn't work all the time, but I do pretty good at it. Here's a question. You ever see those questions or comments numbers on products that you buy that you never call? I've never called one either. I wonder if you call one and leave a comment would they send you a coupon or some kind of rebate. It would be fun to call one and just have an odd question to ask them. I bet it's just a computer on the other end with a prerecorded message just taking names. I don't know. I like coupons. I just might try it. I told you I was gonna stay away from the Valentine's Day thing today. Everybody's doing it. The podcasts with the history of the holiday are probably innumerable. I decided I would just talk about being alone. I think I was alone last year too. I don't remember. I did help my neighbor clean up so her boyfriend could come over. She paid me for it. Five bucks, a biscuit and a cup of coffee for about an hour of work. No biggie. The biscuit was good. It was homemade. I try to help people when I can, if I profit off of it I just look at it as a plus. I did take my medication today. I would say meds but my computer throws a red line underneath it like its misspelled and I don't know if that line shows up on your end or not, so I just say medication. ...I have eaten. As of two o'clock though I will be spending the day alone. I will be on Netflix watching The Stranger. It's a show I've found that seems, well IS good enough to keep my attention for an hour at a time. In these days of instant gratification an hour is a long time to give to a t.v. show if it's not great. I get entertained in bits and pieces through YouTube in very short segments, 10-20 minute segments. Anything keeping my attention longer than that is really doing something great. Maybe that's why I didn't sign up for Survivor. I just couldn't give CBS that kind of time. ...yeah , the money was a thing, BUT it's the time that's more important. We have access to anything our minds desire nowadays. That time can be filled with doing or watching anything we like. That's why if your here I thank you for your time. As you can see, this is a place where I put my time. I hope you have a blessed day.

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