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Well I guess my days of sleeping late are over. Another 6:30 a.m. wake-up with no alarm. Definitely no chances of going back to sleep. So what is there to do? I started a new work-out routine. This is definitely something to wake up to. Push-ups, planks, plank reaches. Some real beginner stuff. But that's what I am as far as strength and conditioning, VERY beginner. I'm also very unhealthy. I spend a lot of time in my bed watching t.v. on my back. It's starting to hurt. That's one reason I'm starting to exercise. To get off of my back. So I've got some supplements and things to help me feel like a real bodybuilder, lol. But it's all really for motivational purposes. And they're working so far. I can't wait to start my work-out every morning. This blog is pretty motivating too. It's also getting my typing speed back up to par. I haven't really spent much time typing over the past few years, so this is really good for picking my speed back up. This is also good for emotional venting. So far today I've taken my medicine, taken my pre-workout supplement, exercised, washed dishes, had a post-workout protein shake, went to see if I could get in the laundry room(I couldn't), watched the post eviction interviews from Big Brother last night, and wrote this blog. All before 8:45 a.m. I think I'm on a pretty good roll. Now just to wait on a key to the laundry room and then I can do my laundry and start watching The Office. Man that show's funny. Alright, another rantin the books. Later Oh yeah Fri. 9/6/19 8:39 a.m.

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