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So I finally got so hungry I decided to ask my roommate to take me to the grocery store so he could tell me how to spend my food stamps. It's just pathetic. Last night they cooked a nice meal and did not even invite me to a plate of it. Yet being broke and without a ride I have to ask him to take me to the store and he gets to see everything I buy and put his two cents on what I get. this just makes me so angry. So here I am now, waiting for him to cook my food for me, him, and his lazy doped up girlfriend. AAARRGGHHH!!!! Have you ever just wanted to scream so bad you had to start a blog? Yeah, me neither, until now. He's the type of person he's done everything better than you. Everything you do is wrong. He is always right. Darn it, he's the smartest man alive in his eyes. I can't stand people that refuse to throw you a compliment. It's always, "Well I would of..." or you buy them something and they say "Well that's not the good kind. I buy so and so because it's better." No. In all actuality you never buy anything. Your sorry girlfriend does. I talked to him about hurricane cleanup jobs that pay ike 20 dollars an hour for like 2-3 months. He basically said he's too good for that. He said the people doing that are all drug addicts and drunks. No, they're all employed making pretty darn good money for a pretty simple job. He just wants to sit around and complain that there's no work. GO FIND SOME!!! I've already looked for jobs just to work and I'm not even physically able to. I don't know how people can stand to be so sorry. So I ended up buying things he would have bought just so I wouldn't have to hear him tell me that the things I bought (that I bought for me specifically) were no good. Dear Lord, I ask you to bless this man. Give him all he ever wanted. More than he ever needed. Just make sure he knows it all came from you. We all need a humbling Lord. I pray this in Jesus' name Amen.

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