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I just finished my podcast for the day and now its time to write a blog post. Everywhere I look as I study about blogging and podcasting it says to make your blog relate to your podcast. I just don't see why someone would want to come read the same thing they just listened to. I don't know, but that is said by a lot of people. I personally feel if I like one post by someone (blog or podcast) I would check out their other site just to see what they had to say over there too. If they just repeated the same thing I feel there would be no use in checking them both out. It's said a lot of people like to read the blog as the podcast is playing. Well, me personally, I read really fast. I could read the blog way before the podcast finished. This is just a tip I've found that I probably won't follow. I feel I'll keep posting original content on both platforms. Well, today has been good. My sleeping schedule is getting back to normal. I'm going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. This is a good thing . After the bad day and long night I had a few days ago I found myself getting up close to noon that first day. That to me is late. I like to get up at 7:00 a.m. I've found myself to be an early bird after all these years. I used to stay up and sleep late. Now the idea just seems like a waste of a day. I'm glad I got used to an early schedule. It just feels better. I need a haircut but I hate to ask my roommate to take me up there and wait on me to get it and then bring me home. So for those wondering why I'm shaggy, that's the reason. I could call a cab but that for me is a little to expensive. I would end up paying, total, around 35 dollars for the haircut and cab fare. That to me is a little too much to pay for a haircut. My roommate would only get 5 dollars for the trip so it would be less expensive, I just hate asking him to take me. He already runs so many people around I know he would like to sit at home sometimes. I know I could have called that ride service yesterday and they would have picked me up today but I just keep forgetting. I could call them today but tomorrow is Sunday and I will be going to church. Even with a shaggy head I will be going to church. I just wanted to post. I'm feeling well, taking my medicine. I have my medicine. I'm doing o.k. I hope to get in bed early tonight so that I can be up early and won't have to fight for the bathroom. My roommate and I both go to church on Sundays and we share a bath room. The Sunday morning bathroom race is a given. I hope to be the first one up. Well I hope you enjoy this content, I post six times a week. Feel free to continue to follow my blog and my podcast to see how I'm living.

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