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The hard part is having to deal with the seizures I woke up today with my right hip sore for the first time. I don't know how it happened. It's little things like these that make me think "Did I have a small seizure?", because I don't have the headache. But the sad thing is, I really need my meds. I've been running low for about a week. I've been adjusting my doses to try to make them last. Well, they never do. I've finally come to my last dose of Keppra, and I'm broke. I really need to find a place that will buy my meds because I hate pawning things. (I'm not above it.) I just hate the act of it. Then the waiting to go get everything back out and then hook everything up again. I'm gonna try to borrow the money first. From Andy or even Cindy. It probably won't happen but I'm gonna try. Then off to the pawn shop. I've got other things now that I think about it. ...but either way I've got to have my meds.

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