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Just sitting here. I thought that I had already posted on here today,I guess not. That's just one of the the things you deal with when living with short term memory problems. I guess its been a good day. I've felt good most of the day. I don't feel so great sitting here now. It'll pass (I hope). It will probably just be an early night. There's nothing wrong with an early night once you start to get older. You start to get up earlier anyway. I just hope I can make it until dark. After I saw that I hadn't posted, I didn't feel like writing. But I had to. I figured it's something to do while my phone charges. I plan on going to church tomorrow night, if service is on. I hope it is. I know we have a revival coming up soon, I just hope I haven't missed a day. I've forgotten if it started this week. I hope I feel good enough to go. If I feel like I do now I probably won't make it tomorrow night. I wonder if I feel this way because of my med change. I wonder if I feel this way instead of having a seizure. Its better than having to spend days recovering from a seizure. ....I don't know, just had to post. I thank you for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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