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Watching YouTube, Netflix, and Prime constantly can get old. That's why I decide to do something like this. It also helps with my memory. Not much has happened over the last two days. I loaned my neighbor some money in good Christian faith a couple of days ago. Now I'm in the process of waiting to either get burnt or get paid back. Hopefully the latter. I keep buying my cat flea collars and they keep getting replaced with used ones. How do I know? Because I buy them off Amazon so I always have a pic and a receipt of the purchase. It's just a little security for an insecure person. Yet, now, I know that the collars are getting stolen. Now just finding out who and why. (Even though I already have a really good idea who it is.) A little proof goes a long way so they say. I wonder who I'm gonna tell about this blog? I'm gonna pay for a domain name and go live. I just like the idea of having a website, even if it is just a blog. Oh well. Just decided to rant. I guess it's back to my book.

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