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Laptop had to update...

So my laptop had to update and it kicked me out of everything!!! All these usernames and passwords are so hard to keep up with. That is like my worst nightmare so here I am fighting to get back into everything I fought to get into in the first place. All over again. Man I had a really nice post coming too. everything has changed around here. Everyone is talking to each other that whole weird unspoken silence has been broken. The mounting of that lock did a lot. Now let's wait until tomorrow when I actually leave and lock the door behind me with only one person, her daughter is getting out of rehab for a day visit. So she's gonna be here too. That means Andy's not going to church either because he is her ride. Either way I get to lock up my stuff from ALL of them and go to church and get some peace. Finally a day out of the house I can actually enjoy peacefully, not always wondering in the back of my mind what is going to go missing next. Now just to find out what else I can't get into on my computer. I hate updates.

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