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They always try to play low-key. My roommate says to me "I'm about to run outta cigarettes." I tell him "Yeah, short month for me too." No biggie I can handle that for now. I don't have any cigarettes to share or any extra money to spend so, it's a lot easier brushing those "comments" off. But the funny thing is as I step outside just to carry on casual conversation with him, he's opening up a brand new gallon oil to put in his car. A GALLON? Come on buy yourself some oil and some smokes. Don't buy a gallon of oil with all of your money then come to me about running out of cigarettes. A brand new gallon? COME ON? That's gonna be used over the course of a couple to a few months, but buy yourself a quart this month, some cigarettes, and get a gallon next month. ....No. Trying to be low-key. To be honest, I'm looking at a dollar bill and some change right next to me, he'll probably end up with it. I would want someone to help me too. I will ask him why he didn't just buy a quart of oil though. Might just open the door to some needed conversation. Just asked him if he needed cigarettes. He said he had six. I asked him if he had money to get more, he said yes. Good. Much needed conversation. Saved me $1.75. ....It just makes me wonder why he even made the darn comment in the first place. Some people, I guess, just like to hear themselves talk. At least now it seems, to me, he's o.k. on smokes, gas, oil, and food. Good maybe they won't ask me for anything. The whole mood in the apartment has changed, I don't think they will. Oh yeah, don't forget to put the lock on. That's why I started this blog in the first place, as a place to write things down so I can remember them later. The old memory's getting bad.

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