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A hailstorm just rolled through here in front of a thunderstorm. I've never seen hail the size of mothballs before. It was huge. I thought that it was just the wind blowing sticks against the roof until I looked outside. There I saw the storm of hail just cascading from the sky. It lasted a couple of minutes. Wow, just wow. At least no windows were broken or anything. That's a blessing. I received a tornado warning about 20 minutes before the hail started falling. I was expecting high winds but got something else. ...Other than that I've had a good day. I got up, said my prayers, took my meds, had a caffeinated drink and did my podcast. I'm still living a routine like I'm not going to have to move. I need to start getting rid of some stuff, some clutter if you will. I have a lot of stuff that just sits around that I do nothing with. I'm a great hoarder of "stuff". I have so many books I'll never read. I started buying books and was reading them before I got the internet. After that the reading just stopped. I started watching Netflix and YouTube. I really should gt back to reading but I can't say that I will. I probably will for a couple of days when I move while waiting for my internet to get hooked up. At least I have books to read. I can't say that I feel great today. I feel "o.k." The caffeine helped a little but it doesn't last long. I had two 4c energy drinks today. I may have another just for the heck of it. I love my caffeine. Lol, I will get back to drinking coffee as soon as the weather changes so that's going to be a while. I just can't drink coffee while it's hot outside. This is my post for today. I made it through a hailstorm. Let's just see how long I'll remember it. It was a bad one. Well, I'll always have it logged on here. I should have taken a picture of the hail on the ground but I was so stunned by the storm I wasn't thinking of that at the moment. To tell the truth I was wanting to get a hailstone and put it in the freezer for my roommate to see. I didn't. Sad isn't it. Its the truth though. Its my blog and I can tell the truth on here. Well I'm about done. Time to get back to bingeing (I don't know how to spell it) stuff on the internet. I still haven't finished Cheers so at least I've got something to watch. One more season at least. Thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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