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Merry Christmas...

Just to post, I hope everyone is enjoying the day with their families and loving the smiles on the children's faces. I am at home. I haven't had a seizure yet, not even a small one, though I still don't feel normal. I'll try to do things to keep my mind busy and not focused on what could happen. This morning I woke up extra early even after going too bed early. I woke up a little after 6 a.m. I tried to go back to sleep, but I decided, "Well, it's Christmas. might as well enjoy the whole day." I don't have any big plans. My pastor invited me over to his house to spend the day with his family, I turned him down due to the way I'm feeling. I also get uncomfortable in other people's family settings. I just always feel out of place no matter how welcome people let me know I am. I am just at home posting o her and looking for topics to do a podcast about later. I'm going to do Celebrity/Christian deaths of 2019. That seems to be a good idea being that the year is almost over and I don't remember anyone "famous" who died this year. I know that our church association lost a good servant in Brother Johnny, but Heaven received a good angel. Just little memories like that and how hard they are becoming to recall I know that my disease is progressing. The more I blog, the more I study TLE. I've learned that my memory (as long as the seizures continue) is only going to continue to deteriorate. That's one reason I'm glad I started blogging. One of the first things after my first seizure my doctor told me to keep a journal with my seizures in it. He also said it would help with my memory retention. I tried over and over to keep a regular journal. Due to the lifestyle I was living which consisted of moving around a lot I always lost them and could never keep one regular. Now that I have a stable lifestyle and a computer I can keep a better journal. ...anyways, to those out there, Merry Christmas. I hope I get to feeling a little better and I hope you have a great day.

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