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I missed writing yesterday because it was Sunday. I found myself busy most of the day. Well I spent a couple of hours after church at home relaxing, but that was about all the time I got. I got up at about 7 a.m. and started getting ready to go to church. Had a really good time in Sunday School. Man that sounds so childish. A bunch of group of late 30 to late 40 year old men sitting around a table just doesn't justify it being called Sunday School. I'll call it Men's Class from here on out. I'll bring that up to Steve also. Lol. We're studying the book of Mark. Anyway, things at home are getting seemingly better. We're all communicating more. They, well she said "I never go in your room." Andy never said that because I believe he knew exactly why I was putting that lock on. She was adamant about it. The guilty always see to show themselves. I learned that watching Big Brother. They will deny, deny, deny. I ended up going back to church for the evening service which was something I thoroughly enjoyed. Ever had that sermon that was meant for you. Last night's was meant for me. It was about letting people use you. Coincidence? I think not. I needed it. Anyway, I'm still exercising. I find myself staying sore. Which is a good thing. I'm still washing the dishes and taking out the trash. I would complain but it gives me something to do. Nobody makes me do it. I would just rather go ahead than sit there and look at it. Oh yeah. Started getting a shot. That spot stays sore for days. Something to get used to I guess. Well just another rant. Somewhere I can go and put all this stuff down and maybe have it for the days ahead when I forget all this stuff too.

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