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I don't like cursing. I don't curse anymore. Swearing, cussing, whatever you may call it. to me it just sounds like filth. It hurts my soul. I'm watching a new show on Netflix right now called Messiah. It's a modern take on the coming of the Lord. I don't know if you can call it a "Christian" show even though it is heavily Christian themed. Why? Because of all the cursing. I just don't feel it fits well with a show that is about the second coming of the Lord. I guess they are trying to keep it as real as possible by showing that not everyone is a Christian, but come on. I feel the cursing is going to turn away the Christian audience. For anyone interested, the show is decent. I stopped cursing many years ago, after I got saved. I have a friend who I met when I was young and dumb who didn't curse at all. He was the only one. I (back then) found it strange someone could go through their life with out using a swear word. I always admired him for that. Maybe back then he had the ears that I have now. It made me uncomfortable to swear around him. Which back then was a good thing because I had the mouth of a sailor. Now it just seems like its everywhere and a lot more accepted. Children even curse around their parents now it seems. You can hear it in the public. I didn't sear around my parents until I was at least in my twenties and even then it was still uncomfortable. It's something I think is in all of us, to know that using foul language is wrong. I had to listen to it all of my life growing up. My mother slapped me the first time I swore in front of her. Why would she slap me for doing something that I learned from her? I guess it's kind of of like smoking too. It just becomes a bad habit that's hard to break. One of those "Do as I say, not as I do." type of situations. It's a habit I'm glad I broke. I have to thank the Lord for that one. He gave me some good influence along the way. Now its just smoking I have to learn to hate. I've watched people I admire stop. That's just it. If they can start to taste as bad as those curse words I would have a fighting chance. It's Friday, the 3rd. I feel o.k. I've got my medication after a mix-up earlier. So I'm sill into the year seizure free. Laundry day tomorrow. I hope I can get up before anyone decides they want to wash a month's worth of clothes before my two loads. Gonna get back to watching Messiah now. Even though there's a little cursing in it, I still have to see how this modern take actually ends the story of the second coming.

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