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I'm glad I started blogging and podcasting last year. It has really put some routine into what was a rather mundane schedule. I enjoy just being able to get on here and rant about what is going on with me and being able to get it out. Keeping all of this stuff in had to be unhealthy. I don't know what to rant about today. I went to church twice yesterday. I also didn't post. I feel as if I was to post after hearing my pastor's sermon I would probably do nothing more than get on here and repeat what I had just heard at church. (Maybe that's not such a bad thing.) One thing we are talking about at my church is outreach. We are trying to find out good ways to help our church grow. Outreach I feel is going to be the best way. We have to tell people that they are welcome at our church. I feel a lot of people take for granted that they are welcome at a church yet still feel uncomfortable about entering a new one for the first time. We must break down that wall. I personally would feel uncomfortable entering a church without being invited. So I guess that's a good outreach idea, go out and invite everyone we can. Tear down that wall. We never know who is sitting at home just waiting for a reason to go in. Well, maybe they already have a reason and just need that extra push to get in the door. A personal invite would probably lead someone out there to come in the front door. That's always the hardest part, getting through the front door the first time. If we can get them in we can make them feel welcome. Well, we can let them know that they were always welcome. I don't think we would have to make them feel that way. Once they got in they would just know it. People I think look at churches like cliques. That is a totally wrong way to look at them. I used to see them that way, until I got saved. That's when I realized if a church was a clique then it wasn't a church. The church is God's. He owns it and runs it for bringing glory to His name. If a church doesn't want to bring glory to the name of God to a stranger in God's house then it's definitely not a church. My church welcomed me when I was a lost sinner and the Lord used it and the servants inside to lead me to Him. I was made to feel comfortable even though I wasn't dressed the same as everyone else. I definitely am not in the same tax bracket as the other members yet they accept me. They accept me as a brother in Christ. I was invited in, made to feel welcome, taught that this was God's house, and led to salvation by true servants of the Lord. That is what I feel our church needs to be doing right now. Well if nothing else, I found something to rant about. That's the whole purpose of this blog. for me to rant. I feel pretty good today. i got a good night's sleep last night. I woke up early, took my meds, had breakfast, washed a few dishes, all this before 10 a.m. I started writing this not knowing where it was going to go. I guess in the end, where it goes shows whats on my heart and mind. I care about my church. I don't want to see us "change hands". No matter what the Lord's will shall be done.

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