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I'm just sitting around, I'm not doing much today. I have to go to Wal-Mart and pick up some medication. I've called my old roommate for a ride. He didn't answer. If he doesn't call me back soon I'm going to call a cab to go get it. I'm just really sitting around wasting time today. I was going to start packing today but my housing supervisor told me she may be able to get rid of some of my books, so I'm waiting for a call back on that situation. Today is just going to be an ordinary day. I posted that video because I found it enjoyable. I love watching theologians destroy atheists logic. Its cool because the bible always wins. Other than that, I'm just sitting around waiting for my friend to call back. I hope I don't have to call a cab, I don't know why I hate riding in cabs so much. I don't mind paying them, its just the waiting I guess. But, here I am waiting on my friend to call and I could just call a cab and I would KNOW that I would be waiting on a ride. As I sit and wait on my friend, I don't KNOW that he'll call back and give me a ride to get my meds. Oh well. Its a waiting game. If it gets too late I'll end up calling a cab. Well there's my post for today. I need to start staying regular on this site, I mean, I pay for it. I just don't always have interesting things to write about. Oh well. Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed day.

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