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I woke up this morning a little late. I was able to put out what I think was a decent podcast because I found a subject close to my heart, peanut butter!!! I'm still not feeling very good though. I should have mentioned it in my podcast. I'm not getting the traffic over here like I'm getting over there. I'm not doing this for traffic though, I'm doing it for posts like these. The ones I can come back to and see AFTER I have a seizure where I was not feeling good and why. ....I slept well last night. I had a good meal yesterday so I don't believe that has anything to do with it. I had a cup of coffee this morning and an energy drink, but I was feeling odd right when I woke up so I was trying to do everything "as usual" hoping the feeling would go away. It hasn't. I hope it's not a seizure, we'll find out in time. Other than that I'm having a good day. The birds are singing and I've been able to post on both platforms so that is a blessing. I thank the Lord that I'm able to post. I should have spent some time talking about it on my podcast but I was just on a rant about peanut butter and the last thing on my mind was how I felt. I really enjoy doing the podcast. It gives me an outlet. I also like keeping this blog because I can always return to it to see how I'm feeling each day. All this has just been a blessing. If you're reading this I hope you are feeling blessed also. Just remember, things could be worse. I know we're all on lock-down due to this coronavirus. That just gives us more time to spend with our loved ones. Also, more time to read blogs and listen to podcasts. I never thought I would enjoy keeping a blog and doing podcasts, but, we change. Its definitely something that's a part of my life now. I'm officially a blogger and a podcaster!!! I'm not just a nobody, I'm a nobody with a blog and a podcast!!! Well, thanks for stopping by. ....for me I'm not feeling well. I've taken my meds. Waiting to see if I'm going to have a seizure. Strong aura.

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