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Everything is coming to a halt because of this coronavirus. I mean, I'm no big hockey or basketball fan but it started with Coachella. These are huge venues. These are huge markets. This is a lot of money people are losing . Is this pandemic really something we should be worried about. I mean come on. Is the average American scared they are going to die from this virus, or is it just the fact that there is no vaccine? Is there no cure either? I don't know. I just see the country starting to go a little crazy and make this thing seem like the plague. I'm personally not going to do much of anything differently. I'll probably wash my hands before and after going out in the public. This is just starting to get a little, I'll say it, scary. Like I mentioned before, that's a lot of money being lost. Do they know something we don't? I thought the idea of the stores running out of toilet paper was a going a little far, but when they stopped these professional sports seasons it kind of got real. People aren't wanting to go out into crowds. I can understand that. It makes a little more sense when you look at it like that. They're closing these venues down either, one, to keep every one separated to keep the virus contained. Or two, the idea that no one will come due to the thoughts of being around someone who may be infected. All I know is....that's a lot of money being lost. ....ANYway, I'm doing good today. I feel good. I had a little caffeine, I've taken my medications. I'm just trying not to focus so much on the negative right now. I didn't have breakfast but I've had lunch. I'm going to make it today. I've done my podcast and now I've done my blog so that means I'm having a good day. I hope you are too. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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