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I live in a government supported housing program due to my disability. In this program we have the luxury of having access to a free laundry room. This is a big plus for a guy like me living on a limited income. I went down there today to wash my clothes and put a load on. When I came back I saw that the rinse water was still going and water was running out the bottom of the washer. The room was flooded. There was nothing I could do, I'm no repairman. I came back and told my roommate about it and he was rather nonchalant about the whole situation. A couple of days before he had been told his girlfriend could no longer wash her clothes here. I'm not saying he did anything , but that is a heck of a coincidence for a guy that can hold a grudge. Anyway, after marinating on the idea of spending money at the laundromat to wash the rest of my clothes I went to google, then YouTube. I saw people doing a lot of things I don't have the tools for. I was disappointed. I finally just got off my rear end and said "Bump it, I'm gonna figure this out." I went to the laundry room and turned the washer over on its front and found an a drain pipe that had come (or been taken) off. I took the time to try to put it back on but it took my roommate and I both to get that feisty hose clamped back on there. Maybe I can get another six months of washing out of that free machine. That's really only the reason I haven't made a big effort to get moved. I like my neighbor and I like my free laundry. If the laundry room ever goes down, then I'm outta here. I can only pay for so much. This is just an example of the struggles we go through when living with roommates and in government housing. Other than that, its been a good day. I feel good. I've taken my meds. I had breakfast. I fixed the washing machine. I'm pretty sure I'll make it to church tomorrow.

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