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Here I am bored. I write on here everyday, nothing ever spectacular. I had some poetry in mind I was going to share, but then I received a phone call. That phone call lasted over an hour. Those unexpected events can really throw off my train of thought. I need to just keep one of my notebooks around at all times. When I say around I mean within arm's length. I can have a good thought and lose it in a matter of seconds only to not be able to recall it. That is the curse of my bad memory. I like writing poetry. I like writing in general. Now that my typing has gotten a lot better I don't mind typing on the computer as much as I used to. Typing on here used to bother me a lot because I couldn't type properly. Now I can type rather well. I should take an online test to see how fast I type. I learned how to edit music into my podcast now. I'm really proud of myself. They are going to come out so differently. I just wanted to learn how to do it so I looked it up and learned how. There's not much to it. I was so afraid at the beginning thinking I was going to mess something up, but then I thought, "Well, if I mess it up no one will see it unless I hit post." So I spent some time playing around in Audacity and learned how to put music into my podcast. It's not bad. Now if I could just find some good content to go with that music. At least I KNOW my podcast isn't great. I do it for me. That made it so much easier to do, when I stopped worrying about impressing others with it. In the beginning I said I was doing it for me but those numbers just get addicting. I started worrying about what people might want to hear and what they might NOT listen to. Then I realized why I was doing it. It's just a journal that I happen to allow the world into if they find it or care to listen to it. That made it a lot more fun. It's still work. But it's fun to do. It occupies my time. It allows time for my phone to charge. Oh well... If nothing else, I took my meds. I've eaten. I didn't have a visit from my housing supervisor today. My roommate said she called and said she wouldn't be here this week. I'll catch her next week. I hope to go to church tomorrow night. I plan on going as of right now. That's my post for today. Thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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