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This is my one hundredth post. I can't believe I've hit such a milestone. When I started this I was all into it. I've also been all into a lot of other things before and they didn't last this long. I wonder why I like blogging better than I like keeping a journal? Is it the sharing aspect of it? I don't know. I've tried to keep a private journal many times in the past and I was never into it. I was never able to last more than a few days, maybe a week. I've been on here for months now. Just keeping a journal. I guess I like the idea of other people being able to see what I'm going through and what I'm thinking about. Keeping a private journal, I guess, seemed pointless. I already know all these things about myself. What's the use of writing them down? Yeah, I could always say, "To be able to remember them, to go back and see the things I've forgotten." But that was never enough. For some reason though putting all that same information out here on a public platform seems to be something that I'm interested in, sharing this information. Don't ask me, but I can do it. It also helps me a lot. I started feeling bad last night after church, I got a migraine. (I think it was from some chocolate) I was afraid it was going to lead to a seizure. Thanks to this blogging I knew when the last seizure I had was and how bad it was. That in itself is reason enough to continue doing what I'm doing. If you're reading this, I hope you're getting something out of it. A little hope maybe. A little thankfulness that you don't have to go through what I do, what all epileptics go through. I know you have your problems too. Just know that our problems don't have to keep us down. We all have struggles we have to live through, let's just do our best to live though them with positive attitudes and praying for strength and positive change. I'll pray for all of you, you pray for me. That's the best way to do it. ...that migraine I had lasted all night into today, basically until lunch. It wasn't because I hadn't eaten, I had supper last night and breakfast this morning. I had to force myself to eat through the headache. It's gone now and no seizure, so I get to thank the Lord for that. ...anyway I hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for stopping by.

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