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As we start to get older, and especially as Christians, things of this world just aren't important as they used to be. Material things manufactured by the millions in factories across the oceans by people who understand how little value these things truly possess but will probably never make a decent enough wage to enjoy them. One of the things they understand as they work 12-16 hour shifts at low wages is that their time is the most important thing they have. Where are we putting our time. I don't have a wife and children, so I can't give them my time. My time is mostly wasted. i won't lie. I binge YouTube videos and every now and then I find a television show that I will dedicate my time to. I find myself now, putting time into this blog and into my podcast, trying to make them better for those who stop in and listen and read my daily rants. I dedicate time to the church so when I meet the Lord he will know He was my top priority. I don't read the bible but I do listen to evangelists and preachers teach me about it and I'm learning more and more each day. I don't read it because I can't remember it and that just discourages me. So I dedicate time to Sunday school and teachers so I can understand the Word better and better. I've been blessed with a good teacher and many good teachers on the internet. So I try to give them time. I don't have much money to give. If I had a lot of money I would be one of those fools who would give it all away. Maybe that's why the Lord kept me poor. So My major form of currency would be time. I only have so much of it. It is very precious and I give it sparingly to those who I feel are using it for good. One minute can't be bought so it's priceless. Thank you for giving me your time here. There are people viewing these posts. I thank you for your time. May the Lord bless you. I'm learning more and more on how to better these posts. Here's something I enjoy, I just love the rain and the crowd singing at the end.

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