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I wasn't hungry all day yesterday, I did eat though. I usually don't have an appetite right before or right after a seizure. After this small one yesterday I had to force breakfast down. I'm glad I did. I feel it made my day a lot better. Even though it was not great, it was better than many past recovery days. I'm blessed just to have woken up. Anyone who has had or even seen a seizure can understand what I'm talking about. That loss of consciousness is scary. It's even scarier to those watching. Those of us going through them usually are totally unconscious. Again, this post is mainly about how much I thank the Lord for waking me up. I hope (if you have seizures) you never have another one. If you've never had one I hope you never do. I also hope no one you love does either. This is going to be a small post due to how I'm feeling. Keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you in mine. May the Lord bless you.

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