• just a servant...


What does a servant do? i.e (repairman, missionary, pastor)

....provides a service. (fixing, praying, teaching etc.)

Who was the greatest servant of all time?

....Jesus Christ. (Messiah, Son of God)

What service did (does) He provide?

.....redemption from sins, salvation, a path (price paid) to Eternal Life!!

Without servants the world would not work. (The internet does a lot these days. I wonder how many servicemen work on it daily?)

Your doctor, nurse, cook, waitress, cashier, preacher, teacher, police, firefighter, military, emt's, all servants.

Imagine If they all quit.

The service industry is hard. People expect things from you. People look to you.


As long as they are serving Jesus first. (In truth) ...And serving the true Gospel.

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