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Shelter in place lifted...

The shelter-in-place order has officially been lifted. Now I have no excuse to why I'm not going anywhere other than that I have nowhere to go. Yes, I need a haircut, but I'm waiting for Penney's to open back up. So there that is. I have no need to go out to eat, I have food here. There's no where really to go to amuse yourself here in my town, so, I'm still in place. i hope your getting to go back to work if you've been off. I hope you're able to find things to do. I'm just back to my regular old routine WITHOUT a shelter-in-place order. I'm going to do my podcast, post on here, and watch television. (YouTube, Prime) I'm just continuing to do as I've been doing. Its just my lifestyle. No word on the big move yet, still waiting. I think its going to be after all of this cools down. But other than that I feel good today. I've taken my meds and eaten. So now just to waste the rest of the day. I hate the idea of having to watch television shows that have cursing in them but I'm about to run out of clean things to watch. I just hope we'll be back in church come Sunday. I really miss getting out and going to church. It was a big part of my routine. ...Well if nothing else, I posted. I thank you for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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