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Small seizure and death toll...

Six. As of 3 p.m. Monday afternoon the second of February from the coronavirus. My last post said one. Please understand i'm only talking deaths in the United States. Well, something morbid to talk about, but it's all the news is talking about. i just wonder if it spreads faster as it spreads. I know it only makes sense that it does. I'm just worried. I hope I'm not the only one. They really got me with this one. The television and news can usually be spitting out all kinds of political propaganda and liberal nonsense and I usually just pay it no mind, but this, I'm worried about. Maybe its because it happened to start spreading as I was getting my flu vaccination. Maybe it just happens to be because of the timing. I don't know. I just think this coronavirus is going to be bad. ...Other than that, how was your day. I hope it went well. Just remember to think of every day as a blessing. I personally wasn't feeling that good today and ended up doing more today than I would usually do in a week. I walked about 1-2 miles. That's definitely something I needed. I'm gonna keep this post short. I talk about a lot of other things in my podcast. So try to check it out if you haven't already. I took my medications. I wasn't feeling good earlier, but that passed. Oh yeah, I had a small seizure last night. The thing is (other than me forgetting about it) they are becoming smaller seizures with more frequent, less intense auras. ( I wet my bed with no headache) Gotta journal this stuff. Lol.

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