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Small seizure yesterday...

I had a small seizure yesterday. I remember going into it, I just don't remember having it. It was small. I think it only lasted about five minutes. That's what Steve told me. I remember pulling into Huddle House and then the next thing I remember is I'm riding into my driveway on my way home. After I got into my door I more or less put everything together and realized what had happened. Lucky for me though it was very small and I recovered quickly. this is a seizure post. I'm feeling "mehhh" today, but I still got a lot of cleaning done for the move. I just wanted to post this so that I could have it for my records.

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Woke up in my bed sweating with my tongue all chewed up. My body is sore and my head is pounding. I have only eatan sherbet due to my tongue being chewed. I know I need to eat.

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