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I'm feeling well today. I just didn't want to title this post that because I'm going to end up titling a lot of them that. I woke up earlier than usual. Not a bad wake up though because I got good sleep last night. I just happened to get up when my alarm went off. To be brutally honest I just wanted to get up and make a pitcher of tea because there was only one glass left in it when I went to bed and I don't want to be the guy who leaves the last glass in there and then someone has to make a pitcher, so I went ahead and got up and made it. I make a good roommate. Andy came in with lunch and supper so it was a fair trade. I'm just sitting around the house, waiting for this "social distancing" thing to pass. Personally I think we're in this thing for the long haul. I think the idea of being out by Easter is preposterous. This (in my opinion) has got to last for 2 months at least if they really want to flatten that curve. I've just never seen anything like this in America. Hey, at least I've got food and shelter and internet. I can still go to church online. Which to be honest, I stay at church online. I've got preachers and evangelists and witnesses that I listen to and watch on a daily basis. I like street preachers. You've got to be on top of your game to be out there among the wolves like that. ...I've taken my meds, I've eaten, it seems to be a good day. I keep this as a journal if you're reading it, I just opened it up and let people in. I post every day that I feel good. So far I've felt good for a while looking back at the dates on the posts. I haven't missed one in a while. I'm going to keep posting. I thank the Lord every day that I'm able to. Without Him I could be unconscious or dead. I put all my strength in Him. Well, that's about enough for today, or right now. I might come back on and post something I find while watching YouTube. I thank you for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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