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So I get this call...

Its a guy trying to sell me medical insurance. I actually give in for some reason. Understand, through this coronavirus pandemic I want to be insured if I end up in the hospital. I don't want to come out drowning in more medical debt. So I get the representative on the phone and we go through the steps of him finding me affordable insurance coverage. He's a nice guy and his name is Jim. He's getting into all the details of coverage and why I need it and such and I let him. i'm thoroughly interested in getting some insurance. He's probably got a sell and he knows it. So we're going through the motions and after I tell him "I have epilepsy." He still says "No problem." Finally something clicks. I remember, I've already got health coverage. It was something I did a few months ago. I looked in my wallet and pulled out my card, looked at it, read it to him and asked, "Is this what you're trying to sell me?" and he said "Sounds like you're already covered." I told him, "I told you I had preexisting conditions." In conclusion we ended on a good note. As I said, he was a nice guy. Really good with those rough customers like me. It's just Tuesday afternoon and that's the biggest thing going on around here, telemarketers. I've found a new way to pass the time.....Went to Wal-Mart today to get some food. Really just a meal and boy did those shelves seem barren. We walked out with meat, but to get chicken or beef, you'd have to win the lottery. All this pork. It's gonna kill us. Not coronavirus. I'm just writing, having a good time. Passing the time. There's not much else to do. I'm feeling good. I've taken my meds. I've got food. I've been in a lot worse shape than this. Let's keep praying for our sick, our doctors and nurses, our front line, our churches, our government, anyone having to work during this pandemic and each other. Thanks for stopping by, may the Lord bless you.

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