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I just can't get on YouTube anymore without taking a trip back down that 90's road. So many memories and SO much music. I'm having a good day. I hope you are too. I got to post a podcast, that's a good thing. Now, maybe the podcast isn't good, but the fact that I took the time out to post it is a good thing. It just goes to show I'm feeling well and not depressed or sick. Depression would be one thing that would lead me to not post, so I think by posting regularly I'm battling my depression. I'm just trying to keep a journal on here. If nothing else, I'm learning how to type. That's definitely a plus. If you stopped by I hope you're having a good day. I hope you realize the small blessings in your life. We have to be able to see the small ones, I believe, before we can receive the larger ones. Me, personally, I try not to dwell on the past anymore. Well, it's kind of hard to when you can't remember it. I feel my memory issues are a blessing because I'm the type to dwell on bad memories and then I allow them to get me depressed. I just can't believe how much good music I've forgotten about over the years that I keep finding on YouTube. Oh, it just takes me back. It's not like I want to go back to those days, doing the things I was doing back then, it's just the fact that when I hear this music it opens up old pathways in my brain that have been closed down and I get to remember things that have been long forgotten. ....on that note, my dad introduced me to this band and it makes me think of him.

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