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Well, no matter what I have to post something on here just to show that I'm feeling o.k. just in case I want to come back to it another day. ...So I just got finished watching the Trump rally in, I believe, Tulsa. Boy can that guy go off!! Seventy four years old and talked off the cuff for almost two hours straight. I can't even do fifteen minutes (alone) for a podcast. I spend hours trying to put together those few minutes of content. He ranted for almost TWO HOURS!?!? It was amazing. I found it very impressive as someone who nowadays does a little talking. I was going to go to bed and not post but I looked and I don't think I posted last night. I don't know why. I guess I just forgot to. That takes a bad memory to forget to post somewhere I post every day. But, too late now. Other than that, I'm feeling good. Just waiting to go to bed and for church tomorrow. My roommate basically has moved out. We'll see how far out he's gotten if he comes back tomorrow for his shower before church. His bed is gone, though, he never slept here anyway. So, I'll find out how gone he is tomorrow morning. My neighbor found him some help to move his stuff, so, i really didn't help him that much. ( not that I wouldn't have) He just had someone else helping him. Now I can expect the same from him. ...No help. It's o.k. though. I'll get all the help I need Lord willing. I did help him a little. I just felt like they were already doing everything and I was just getting in the way. O.k. that's enough of a post. I knew I could get on here and post about something. I hope you have a blessed day.

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