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Starting early...

It is 7:44 a.m and I'm already on this pre-workout stuff waiting for it too kick in. Just figured I'd post first. Remember the dinner yesterday I got invited to that I thought was mine anyway. well the roommates left it out all night. No fridge, no tupperware just on the stove in the pan...yeah it was mine. If it had been there's they would have cared about those leftovers. Just figure I'd post, a little something to do waiting for this drink to kick in...later.

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Woke up in my bed sweating with my tongue all chewed up. My body is sore and my head is pounding. I have only eatan sherbet due to my tongue being chewed. I know I need to eat.

Small seizure yesterday...

I had a small seizure yesterday. I remember going into it, I just don't remember having it. It was small. I think it only lasted about five minutes. That's what Steve told me. I remember pulling into

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