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Talked to my roommate...

The funny thing is they argue all, the, time. Not screaming, just bickering, of course like an unhappy couple who have been married just a little too long. As they were getting it wrapped up I told my actual roommate. "You know, If it were just you and I here there would be so much peace." He finally breaks and says to me, "Well I can't just leave her, I would feel way too bad." I explained I had been through that already so I understood where he was coming from. Sometimes it's easier just to snatch the band-aid right off. If you leave it on or pull it off slowly the pain is so much worse. That's a lesson we all have to learn for ourselves. They cooked again. Well he cooked her fish and my grits and rice, lol. I was invited so I've got the feeling something is up. He was gone most of the day. ...Yes she was here. So I almost had the peace I wanted. It's not him I worry about. I don't think (honestly) he is blatantly stealing from me. I think that is all her. I could handle living with JUST him as a roommate. But he is free to date whoever he wants and I guess he wants her. I just wish SHE wasn't allowed over here. Oh well. Padlocks keep thieves out. Now just to man up and learn when to use the word no. Now I get to go borrow his screwdriver to put my padlock on.

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