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Well, I don't feel that good this morning. I had a small seizure last night. I thank the Lord it wasn't a big one that would have kept me down for days. This was just a small one. I must have been up, walking around. I ended up urinating on myself standing up in my room somehow. I wasn't conscious as I did it. I woke up to the results of it. I was wet and my floor was wet too. This is rather embarrassing, but it's true. It's also laundry day. That's good for my wet boxers. I'm glad I didn't have a grand mal that would have put me down for today. I wouldn't have been able to get anything done. I would have had a horrible migraine and serious body aches. That's why I say this had to have been a petit mal seizure, one where I just go blank, unconscious for a period of time. I must have thought I was at my toilet as I was standing in my room. These are just the things we have to deal with living with epilepsy. At least, as of now, it won't keep me out of church tomorrow. I am able to get up and go about my regular routine. I just asked my roommate if I did anything strange last night like walking around out of it. He said I got up and poured a whole pitcher of tea down the sink. That's definitely not something I would do in my right mind. So I must have been up walking around. That just goes to show me it's good for me to have a roommate. I'm glad I have someone I'm comfortable enough around I can talk to about my epileptic episodes. Luckily for me Andy has become that. I have my roommate problems and I complain, but I put all that aside by being blessed with a roommate that doesn't look at me funny when it comes to my epilepsy. These are the small blessings. We always have to count the small blessings. If I have to pay for gas to get to where I'm going yet I trade that for the comfort of living with someone I feel doesn't judge me, I'll pay for my ride. At least I have a ride. I could live with someone who totally doesn't understand epilepsy and they don't have a car. I've got a roommate that accepts me and has a car. I'm blessed. Like I said earlier, it's good to be able to recognize the small blessings. Anyway, I had a seizure the night of the 3rd. It was small. Just a bit of walking around and loss of bladder control. That's why I started this blog, to kind of keep track of my life and seizure activity. Now time to go back and find the last one.

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