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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

So,things start to go missing. Me, being the guy with a bad memory of course I'm the target of the true scum of the Earth. So, what do I do? I start paying way more attention. Even with a bad memory, paying more attention helps me exercise my mind therefore strengthening my memory even if just a little. So I have two seizures in the course of about ten days. It's hard just getting over one. To wake up, realize I've had one and then go down with another is just horrible. Yes I'm taking my meds. I was out of one for a couple of days due to trying to be that nice guy and having loaned my neighbor some money. She really didn't want to pay it back. That was my learning point. But I've been down for a little over a week. Finally getting back to my routine. Got some new meds to go along with it. These I believe are labelled anti-depressants but are truly anti-psychotics, Ahh..who knows? The doctors do. I've trusted them this long. The little pills just make me sleepy and my days of liking that have been over for a long time. Guess it's gonna be a nighttime med. I don't know...ahh yes. These darn roommates. One of my pillows went missing throughout all of this. How do I know? Because one had already went missing before so this time I wrote my name on all my pillows. Going to do laundry today I found a pillow without my name on it in my bed!! Now the fun is gonna be stealing my pillow back. Should I just write my name on this one too, steal the other one back and when they want their pillow just say "No, they're all mine see they've got my name on them." That sounds fun, but it would just be mean. OK The end. 8/28/19 Wed. 9;21 a.m.

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