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Time to move...

Well the day has come. I finally received the keys to my new apartment. So its now officially time to start packing. I have no excuse to procrastinate anymore. This is not going to be fun, but its something that I'm gonna have to do. I don't mind the idea of moving, its just the act of moving that I don't like. I just have so much junk to throw away. I'm going to write this post and start emptying drawers, building and packing boxes. I have until next Thursday to get moved out. The only big things I have to move are my bed and couch. ...I don't know, I guess my desks and bookcase are big too. That's not too much. I'm going to have to hire someone with a truck and a back to help me move. That won't be hard, I've already got a contact from my neighbor. Its just something that I don't want to start doing, throwing stuff away, but I've got to. Its gonna start now. Well thanks for stopping by and checking in. I hope you are doing well and may the Lord bless you.

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