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Today is a good day...

Every day that I can get out of bed and put my knees on the ground and thank the Lord for life is a good day. I was able to do that today. I don't know if I'll be able to do that tomorrow. That's just not for epileptics, that's for everyone. We need to know today that if we do not wake up here tomorrow, where exactly will we wake up. That starts off with your relationship with Jesus Christ. We all need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We all need to come to the realization that we are sinners on need of a savior. We all deserve hell. I know I do. I just thank the Lord every day for paying the price for my sins on the cross. Have you come to terms with your salvation yet? Have you realized your sinful nature? I was taught about Jesus from a young age. I just wasn't taken to church regularly (if even ever) by my parents. I was taught about Jesus by my mother from the big family bible we had in our house. She also taught me to pray. I'll forever be thankful to her for planting those seeds in me when I was young. I wonder if this generation is getting those types of seeds planted in them in their homes these days. I was taught to pray. I was prayed with. When left to my own devices though, I just didn't understand the importance and significance of it. I believe that is what church is for. I believe church and Sunday school are the places those seeds get watered by the word of God and fellowship with other believers. My mother tried to teach me early the truth of the Gospel, she just couldn't commit all the way herself by joining a church and attending regularly. She had problems of her own but that's for another post. By the time I got into the custody of my father I was already old enough to need church, but he didn't go either. He told me I was welcome to go, he just wasn't going to attend himself. The only time my father ever went to church with me was the day I got baptized. It was a special day all around. Even after that he still wouldn't go to church with me. I just wish they would have left better clues about where they stood in their salvation before they left this Earth. I hope one day to see them both in Heaven. The greatest day of my life is the day that I got saved. I hope you have a personal relationship with Jesus and if you have kids you are sowing the seeds of the Gospel to them. You might not see a big change now but those seeds get planted and watered and will grow. I've seen it too many times. My parents didn't take me to church but my mother prayed with me, taught me about Jesus and my father told me I could go to church. No one put any roadblocks in front of me, I was just left to my own devices. Sow those seeds, teach that Gospel, and allow your children to go to church if you don't want to go. You always want your children to have personal relationship with Jesus.

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