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Today is a good day...

I had to get up early today because of a doctor's appointment. It went well. There was an increase in some of my medications for the first time in a long time. Maybe the increase will help to stop the seizures. I'm glad they are controlled, I still don't like having them. I'm able to keep up with them through this blog now. So now when I go to my neurologist I have a schedule of all the seizures that I've had since the last time I saw her. It makes it a lot easier since my memory is so bad. I can just go in, look at my blog and tell her the dates. This is now the second time I've been able to do that since I've started blogging. They always ask "When was your last seizure?" and I say "I don't know." and then I remember my blog and I can tell them exactly how many I've had, and when, since my last visit. It comes in handy. ...So I'm waiting for my roommate to wake up from a nap so I can go get my medications from the pharmacy. Other than that, I just finished my podcast and now I'm doing my blog and then I'm going to watch House I guess. Not much else to do. At least I can do it though. I've had something to eat and I've taken my medications. So now just waiting on him to wake up. My cat is asleep on my bed. So we'll be fighting for space shortly. Not much of a post today. I got a shout-out on Grace and Peace Radio, so that was cool. He's got a good podcast that I've started looking forward to. If nothing else, thanks for stopping by and may the Lord bless you.

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