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Today seems to be going great...

I usually stay on caffeine. Yes, it's a "habit". I'm talking about my tea though. As of right now I'm drinking decaffeinated tea. Its sweet tea, it just has no caffeine. I'm getting my sugar from it but I can tell I'm not getting my caffeine. After going all day yesterday with no caffeine I had an energy drink today and boy, whoa! I could tell I had been without it for a time. I didn't realize how much caffeine I was receiving just from my tea. Its just so "normal' to drink tea. I never think about it as a caffeinated drink. By 7:00 last night I was yawning and I'm willing to bet it was because the tea I had been drinking all day had no caffeine. Maybe that's a ....good thing? I don't know. All I do know is I've got a whole box of it to finish. Maybe I'll sleep that much better due to the change in tea. I'll still be having my 4c energy drinks though, but the kick from them doesn't last too long. My coffee pot is arriving today so I will be having my regular coffee again. That will be nice. Thank the Lord for Amazon. Amazon really helps me out a lot. If I would have just went to Wal-Mart and purchased a coffeemaker it would have costed me gas money or basically, cab fare. Now if I want or need something bad enough I just go on Amazon and they bring it to me without the cost of going to the store. I pay for Prime but that's basically the cost of one or two trips to Wal-Mart. Its worth it to me. I just finished my podcast and I think I did a good one today. I know I had fun making it. That's all that counts. It gives me something productive to do every day and it journals my seizures. All in all, its a good thing. ....As the title says, today seems to be going great. I feel good. I do need to eat though, I'm finally hungry. I wasn't hungry when I woke up. when I get finished here I'll go get something to eat. So that's about it. I hope your having a good day. Let's remember to thank the Lord for small blessings, especially during times like these. That's all for me today, thanks for stopping by. May the Lord bless you.

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