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Well today, for the first time (I believe), I used this blog for the reason I started it. I'm not feeling great. So I decided to go back and look to see when the last time I had written about not feeling great was. Turns out it was a month ago. So it just seems now that this may be a monthly bi-polar cycle I go through and usually forget about. I don't forget about going through it, just when I went through it. Well that means it's gonna suck for about the next week, maybe 9 days. I wonder if it has to do with my finances? I'll find out for sure when/if this next seizure hits. When the seizure hits I'll know it's not money related. If the seizure doesn't come then I've got some serious budgeting to do because I'll think then that my depression is money-related and if that's true I'm bringing a lot of this on myself by not being more responsible. I'm sure trying to be responsible, there's just a lot of things I forget, that's why I'm now writing these things down in a blog. I just wanted to post that I'm not feeling great today and have it written down. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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