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Wasn't feeling good...

I started the day off today not feeling that well. I ended up going out to eat and getting sick off of the fast food. I feel I should have stayed at home and just cooked but the time wouldn't allow for the crock pot to cook properly in a timely manner, so I just went out to eat. The grease just made me sick though. I was not expecting to go to church tonight due to how I was feeling but I decided to go anyway and soon realized that it was the best idea. During the service I started to feel better and afterwards I was feeling o.k. Its always best to go on to church anyway. I have decided to post anyway, even though its late. I have to stay with my routine. This won't be a long post, but its a post nonetheless. i hope your having a good day. I took my meds today. I've eaten. I made it to church. A pretty successful day, if I must say so myself. I thank you for tuning in and dropping by. May the Lord bless you.

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