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If you visit both this page and my podcast you'll notice I don't record over the weekend. Call me crazy that I will record my voice and put it out for anyone to find it, but I won't record with my roommate in the next room. Maybe I'm private. In my recording I usually just talk about the most random things, nothing controversial. I don't know why I just don't like the idea of them hearing me in my room talking to my computer. Maybe its something I'll get over. I got a surprise visit from my Pastor today. If you've been keeping up here or following on you'll know that he invited me to his house for Christmas. I said no due to what I believe is my social anxiety disorder. He took the time out today to bring me a plate of their Christmas dinner. I thought that was so nice of him. To be cared about by your church is the meaning of church. Jesus said to love one another as I have loved you. I feel that loving people who need it is easy. Loving people who don't want it is where it gets hard. Those who need it appreciate it and you can tell that your gift of love has made a difference. Most of the time they'll tell you, over and over again, just so you know. The ones who don't want love are extremely hard to try to give it to. They'll ask for all sorts of things, but they'll never let you give them the love they desire the most. I feel these people have not learned to love themselves yet. I feel they haven't made peace with the fact that they are sinners too. Finally accepting we are sinners the big step toward forgiveness. I'm thankful i accepted it and then accepted forgiveness. So back to the original point of this post, I probably won't post on anchor over the weekends due to the extra company in the apartment. There's always the chance that they'll leave and give me my 10-15 minutes to post. Who knows, it's the Lord's will. Either way I enjoy doing them both. I find it takes up a lot of my "anxious" time. Time where I'm pacing. Yes, my anxiety is that bad. Especially around the times when I feel like I'm going to have a seizure. To anyone reading, may the Lord bless you.

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