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Well I did it...

I got up this morning and said "To heck with it." I finally put the darn lock in my door. Yeah it was awkward, but it got done. I took my roommate to the side and told him "I trust you.", more than once thinking maybe he would get a hint. I told him I was putting a lock on my door so when I left my nerves would be a lot better. Now they will be. He seemed o.k. about it, but he's also the type to take it out on you in those little ways. Again, I was raised around it. I can see it. But if nothing else I can now get a dorm fridge/freezer next. After that I can be basically comfortable in my room, away from them. Not him, he's o.k. Them as a pair are really hard to deal with. It's like sharing space with an old married couple who hate each other and can't stand to be around each other. The feeling just permeates the environment. They are meant to be alone together. I can handle Andy. I'm not much on her. But them together, wow, it's a cold silence broken by the occasional argument I end up right in the middle of. I can handle that though. I was brought up around adults who hated each other until my dad took custody. They are just together using each other for one thing or another. That's another post for another time.

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