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I received my epilepsy notification bracelet today. It got here in like four days. I've had epilepsy for almost 20 years and I've never had any kind of identification, amulet, or tag to address my epilepsy to the public. I feel I need one now because I'm going to be spending a lot more time alone and maybe out in the public alone. I feel I will need this just in case I'm walking down the road one day and have a seizure and someone is kind enough to stop they will know what is going on. Its something I've needed for a long time now, I've just never been alone. If there is a chance that I may have been living alone before, mail-order just wasn't as easy as it is now. Now that remember I was living alone about ,ehh, seven to eight years ago. No it has been longer than that because it was before I was going to church regularly and I've been going to church over eleven, close to twelve years now. Regularly. So, Amazon just wasn't as popular back then. I finally got one though. That's my big news for the day. This post isn't going to be very long. I got up early, said my prayers, took my meds and did my podcast. So this has been a full day for me so far. I'm going to try to wait until it gets dark until I try to get settled in the bed because the battery is starting to die really fast on my phone. So, time for Amazon again, for a new battery. I hope you're having a blessed day. Thank you for stopping by, and, may the Lord bless you.

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